Looking for Alternatives: Where Can You Download Apps if the Play Market Doesn’t Work?

It so happens that the popular app stores for Android cannot serve as a source for games or apk. There can be several reasons: a ban on certain sites of applications in some countries, distrust of popular services, due to the fact that there may be many spyware programs. Or simply the reason is that someone might consider marketplaces like Play Market or Amazon bulky and inconvenient. Then alternative sources will replace such giants. The advantages of such sites are many: the lack of advertising, hard selection of applications for content, the ability to download apk.

Where is better to search and download applications?

Among the thousands of different alternatives for Google Play, there may be dangerous, despicable viruses and spyware sources. How to know in advance where to go, and what should be avoided? First of all, these are ratings and reviews. On the Internet, they often feature top-rated reviews and votes. To date, the rankings are leading such platforms as:

  • GetJar
  • APKPure
  • APKTurbo
  • SlideMe
  • 1 Mobile
  • net

Of course, not always a good application site can become popular. Nevertheless, there are many sources that are worthy of attention no less than the leaders of the tops. These resources also carefully select applications to their content, comply with privacy policies, support user feedback. For example, you can take sources such as APKNature or Appmirror. So do not be afraid to try alternative methods of finding applications. Just be attentive to the source and check what you download.