How to open an IT company in Switzerland

Recently in the world, there is a trend towards the rapid development of information technologies and communications. Today, the Swiss government is involved in the implementation of many business programs that promote the growth of IT companies and research centers.

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With regard to the types of IT companies, it is worth noting that developing a company, such as Internet Tech in Switzerland, is easier to comparing to others, especially in the process of maintaining the necessary documentation. Our experts can help investors and aspiring business entrepreneurs in registering and maintaining tax payments.

Licenses’ types of IT companies in Switzerland

Swiss law requires that any Swiss IT company obtain a radio permission before it fully operates. There are several categories of this permission:

  • Permission for satellite communications;
  • radio permission for amateur radio;
  • for mobile services;
  • Broadcast permission

In general, all types of internet communications companies are required to unambiguous complying with all Swiss Internet laws.