Top 7 Perfume Life Hacks That You Need to Know

If you use fragrances, you’ve probably wondered if there are any other efficient ways of using your favorite scent. Today, we’ll gather some tips and tricks on how to use fragrances properly.

Top 7 tips

  1. Don’t keep perfume in a bathroom or on the table. It doesn’t like humid surrounding and light. It’s better to store fragrances in dark, dry places.
  2. When you wish your perfume to last longer, you can try rubbing some Vaseline on the pulse points (places where you spray the perfume). Its formula will tight the fragrance to your skin (comparing to spraying on the dry areas).
  3. The same thing concerns the body in general. There is a term of fragrance layering. The concept is that you use shower gel, body cream, and perfume with the same scent. Every product creates a layer that enhances the next one.
  4. Use your favorite perfume before you put on jewelry. And don’t spray on your clothes (it can leave stains!).
  5. Women often rub the wrists after applying the perfume. By doing it, you actually mix the notes and they last less than usual.
  6. Perfume is sure to last longer when applied to the warmest areas on your body. These areas include places where the blood vessels are very close to the skin.
  7. In case you want a light effect, you walk in the fragrance mist. Just spray it in the air and step into this cloud.