Main myth about gel polish manicure

So many women prefer gel polish manicure that any myth about its harmless seems being silly but they still exist.


  • Gel polish harms natural nail.

Many clients are sure that gel polish is harmful to the nail plate as well as nail extension, but this is not true. Gel polish combined all the advantages of gel and ordinary polish, it like a so-called unique hybrid. A skilled nail master will never harm your nails because he knows all the nuances of proper preparation of the nail plate. Materials are used in gel polish manicure are also harmless. Also, gel polish is removed with the help of a special liquid without any strong impact on your nail plates.

  • Gel polish isn’t kept well on every type of nails.

This is not true. Many factors can affect the endurance of any coating. One of them is the preparation of the nail plate for gel polish manicure. If everything is done correctly and high-quality materials were used, a manicure will be glossy and beautiful for a long time. Besides, using kodiprofessional materials will help your nail master to avoid any problems with your nails.

  • Gel polish requires special care, nails cannot be in contact with water and cleaning supplies.

Gel polish is resistant to the aggressive environment. Of course, it is advisable to avoid prolonged contact with hot water for the first 48 hours after the manicure. Also, it will be better to wear gloves while contacting household chemicals.

We hope our article helped you to trust your nail master and gel polish manicure more.