Are There Survey Websites Without Payout Minimum?

While it’s very rare, it’s possible to find sites and panels that have no payout minimum or a very low one. Many users consider this an essential factor and look for the companies that offer payment per every survey or a low payout amount.

In addition, this site must also pay on time, offer lots of opportunities, and low disqualifications. Clearly, no one likes spending 10 minutes answering basic questions only to find out they are not suitable for this particular survey.

The problem with a high payout minimum

Aside from being inconvenient, some awards might expire before you gather enough to withdraw. Some sites have too many terms to get the reward and give too little time to use it. In addition, you can get bored. Without payouts, you lose your motivation very soon. On the other hand, sites that let you withdraw as little as $10 keep you interested in going on.

Another problem with such websites is the possibility to get into a scam. It’s not guaranteed you won’t face a scam on sites with low payout minimum. But imagine how much you need to do to gather $100 only to find out it’s a fraud.

Sites with no minimum payouts

Rebecca Slater is a blogger who probably knows the most about online surveys. She made a list of websites that allow you to withdraw as little as you want. They include Pinecone Research, Consumer Opinion Institute, Darwin’s Data, DollaPal, and Mindswarms. Some of the platforms don’t even wait for your request to withdraw the cash and automatically send money to your PayPal.