The best German-English translation apps

In the modern technical age, it is not difficult to translate some simple text due to the wide range of advanced translation apps, you can do it from any language to any language as well, including German-English combination.


  1. Google translator is one of the world leaders in natural language processing. Its translator supports 103 languages ​​- an absolute record among similar programs. With most languages, the application works without connecting to the Web.
  2. Microsoft translator Microsoft has succeeded in the field of machine translation, so its program is one of the most advanced on the market. The app performs the two-way translation in more than 60 languages. You can work offline with the most popular of them.
  3. iTranslate uses Google, Apple and Microsoft speech technologies. The program has a convenient mode of translation of oral conversations. The application supports 90 languages and German-English translation is available offline.
  4. Reverso is a simple dictionary and context-sensitive translator. The program perfectly copes with short phrases. It interprets not each word separately, but the entire phrase, keeping its meaning. To do this, the application uses ready-made translations made not by machines, but by living people.

But you should consider that there are still some mistakes in machine translations. So if you need a qualitative German-English translation, you can get it on