Suspect Arrested In Bronx Hit and Run Case

A 32 year old father of two kids was killed in a hit and run case in Bronx. On 2nd November, police have arrested a suspect in that case.

A 32 year old father of two kids was killed in a hit and run case in Bronx. On 2nd November, police have arrested a suspect in that case.

The driver went the length of 233rd Street before crashing into construction materials. Surveillance video shows four people getting out of the minivan and taking off in different directions.

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22-year-old driver of the Bronx surrendered to police on 2nd November night. He has been charged with murder and related offenses. Police are still searching for the remaining three suspects. They all survived the crash, but the man they hit on the sidewalk, 32-year-old Derrick Callender did not.

Callender had two kids, ages two and nine. He was run over just feet from his front door. He died at Montefiore Hospital.

According to Police, the erratic driving that led to Callender’s death originated from a dispute between someone in the minivan and a clerk at the liquor store next to Callender’s building. The clerk at the liquor store refused to serve alcohol to one of the van’s occupants because he was behaving strangely. After that fight, security video shows two people running towards the minivan. When they get in, the Toyota pulls a sharp and dangerous u-turn on White Plains Road and then speeds towards the liquor store.

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